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Now time to put the truth out there and crush it . This festival was though of back in the 2017  before anyone or any non-profit was in involved.  It took a lot of work to put this idea together  planning, brand, location , name, bands and not including all the work behind the scene.  She was introduced to company by friend and mentioned that her company needed our help because we manager our own a  festival and having been doing this 8yrs . So we wanted to help THIS SO CALLED  NON-PROFIT . Our Heart was in the right place but with the wrong non-profit.  Stories and lies  have been told about  our company that are not true.  There is public record if anyone or company wants to find out about our company & brand   State and Federal.  This company  has the audacity to threatening people, companys, other Non profits with false paperwork with our  stolen name  and brand.  . This GREAT BRAND has been RUINED by this Nonprofit , when asked to  see the financials we where denied and was  told that there lawyer advised them no to show us? I thought been 501(3) nonprofit means its open to public review.  We take our work and word seriously and try to achieve the set goals  to help the nonprofit but never expected this in return.  WE HOSTED THE FESTIVAL AND DONT EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH WAS TAKING IN. Second our contracts with vendors where changed without our  acknowledgement   and charged much more then what we agreed on. 

Date of purchase for Rock The Dock. Com - DEC 19th .2018  - That's public record  

Signed Agreement with Nonprofit ( Compassatie Heath Home Care) - March 11th, 2019.

Date Of Purchase - Rock The Dock Green Bay LLC - Public Record with State 

Date Of Purchase- Rock The Dock LLC - Public Record with State 


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